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Reflectors | Wyoming, RI | Growin' Crazy | 401-284-0810

 Beginner Lighting Package Only $199

Give your plants the light and atmosphere they need to bring the outdoors in!

Indoor growing presents a particular set of obstacles that are easily solved with the correct equipment. Because plants need light and nutrition, you'll need to create an environment in which your plants can thrive, and Growin' Crazy has you covered through harvest season.

  • Raptor
  • XtraSun
  • Magnum XXX
  • Radiant
  • Daystar AC
  • Lumatek
  • Quantum
  • Galaxy
  • Phantom
  • Nanolux
  • SG
  • Hortilux
  • Agrosun
  • Plantmax
  • Sunmaster
  • Digilux
  • Designer T-5s

Support the health of your plants throughout the entire growth process

Plants go through several phases of growth, during which time the plant responds differently to variations in light and temperature. Creating the perfect environment is an ongoing commitment that requires top of the line equipment and constant observation.

  • Air Cooled | Open-Bulb Reflectors
  • Digital | Magnetic Ballasts
  • HPS | MH Bulbs
  • LED | Plasma
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Lighting Controllers & Accessories

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